[30 Days Challenges] Day 5: Five Places You Want To Visit

Okay.. where were we? …. errr where have i been? Hahahaha.. such a long hiatus right? :p

Life has been really surprising lately. Me and my family went for our first out of town trip, it was to Solo to attend my niece’s wedding. But two days before departing date, my daughter got fever. And it didn’t got better even on the day we should go. So we decided to went seperately, my husband took the train as we planned on the first place, while me and my daughter went by car with my parents.

In Solo my daughter’s fever got up and down, really confusing. We decided to make a stay for a bit longer, waiting for my daughter to get better. But my husband left earlier, because he had to work. Probably the worst 2 weeks of my life, i hope it will NEVER ever happen again on the future. Aamiin.

My daughter are so much better now, she seems like catching up with her own health. Although she got flu these past 3 days. Probably because of the weather. I am not in a very healthy condition also. But not that unhealty to write this post down :p

Alrighty, back to the topic. 5 places i want to visit.

1. Mecca Al Mukarramah.

Why? Do i really have to explain why? Hahaha… of course, as a muslim i really want to visit Mecca and Madina to do Hajj. I really hope ALLAH will give me a chance to do Hajj at least once in my life. Aamiiin.

2. South Korea
3. Japan
4. London
5. Italy

Well, i actually want to visit all of beautiful places around the globe. If i have to explain why i write those particular country on number 2 to 5 was probably because i have to write down five. And around the globe is too much for just 2,3,4,5, right?

So, yeah.. the most important thing is actually not really the destination, but the company. As long as it’s with my husband and Sabriyya, even the short trip to Bandung will always do ♥

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