[30 Days Challenge] Day 3: Your Day in Great Details

Okay, i’m back for another day of challenge.

My day in great detail. Hmm.. this is interesting, since i have a daughter now, so my days are completely different from those when i was still single, or pregnant.

My gets up from bed time was constantly changing, due to my daughter’s sleeping time. It’s really up to her. She wakes up, i wake up too. But, she will not sleep until more than 6 o’clock. So, let’s say 6 o’clock is the time i wake up in the morning.

05.00 : wake up for my Subuh. And then sleep again, until the baby wakes up.

06.00 : The baby wakes up, time to jump from bed too 😉 During this time, i will put her in her bouncer and switch on the TV to Baby First channel. While i make my pre-breakfast drink. because my stomach haven’t totally ready for heavy meal, so i made a glass of honey (mix with water) for me and husband, i also preparing spirulina for my husband and some of vitamin dose (Green Palapa, Gama Life, Natura Omega Squa, Harumi) for me. Then, i will prepare breakfast for husband and my daughter who are now still 6 months old, so she still eats only fruits puree. Made the puree then feeds her. After that, i will make protein mix for me, drink that while preparing warm water and clothes for daughter.

07.00 : bath my baby daughter. I want to get my daughter used to take a bath twice a day (unlike her parents who only take a bath once a day bhahaha.. *gross, i know* :D) So, when she was still exclusively breastfeed, she will take her first bath right after she wakes up in the morning. But now, since she already given solids, so take a morning bath is scheduled a moment after she finished her breakfast. So that when she is being bathed, her stomach wont still be very full. Fortunately, my daughter realy loves taking a bath, so she enjoys this routine even when her eyes sometimes screams for a nap hahaha..

07.15: Taking daughter back to sleep. After finish her bath, Sabriyya will have her morning nap right away. The nap wont take really long, an hour is the longest time. And because of the condition of our bunk bed, which always producing a noise when we make a move while sleeping, so during this nap time, i will probably spend half of it sleeping in her side, sometimes opening path or instagram.

08.00: Sabriyya wakes up from her morning nap, and i put her in her bouncer again. During this time i will eat my breakfast, the heavy meal one. After that, if Sabriyya still in her mood, i will take a bath. If not, i will stay beside her, playing with her. Sabriyya now already able to rolling around the bed, so i am not sure to leave her alone.

10.00 : Two hours after her first nap, Sabriyya usually ask for breastmilk again. So, i breastfeeds her again. If she is in the mood to sleep again, she’ll sleep. If not, she will continue playing and rolling around the bed. And me, as usual accompany her.

(alrighty this getting sooo boring, right. But, welcome to my life hahahaha…)

12.00 : Changing Sabriyya’s diapers. And, if Sabriyya is in her mood again, i will (surely) take a bath. After that i will give Sabriyya Extragreen (spirulina and honey mix). She already given this mix from newborn, it’s for her body endurance, antivirus, etc. So, who says honey is not good for baby, if you could choose the right honey, it will actually great for your baby. Rasulullah gave us the example to drink honey for our health, so why we now againts it? or the right question is, who makes us against it? 😉

13.00 : Eating lunch. And Sabriyya usually will have her day nap around this hours. And sometimes, if i’m in the mood for walking, we will walk around the blocks until Sabriyya sleeps again.

14.30 : Preparing Sabriyya’s second meal. Sabriyya still only have two meals a day, and she is not really fond of eating, so she don’t do snacking although i will be so happy if she would want one.

16.00 : Bathing Sabriyya again. After that i will have my dinner.

19.00 : Hubby arrives home and i will prepare his clean clothes and dinner. Sometimes i will hand Sabriyya to him so i can have a little me time, watching Running Man, bhahaha… *so much for a quality time* 😛

21.00 : Sabriyya will already sleepy around this time, and that’s when i called it a night.

That’s all, the life of a housewife with one child. I don’t really explain my Shalat time, because i don’t think i have to hahaha.. Do the Shalat on the time. When i look again this post, i realize how boring it looks like, but really having one daughter who is so cute and smart, couldn’t make you bored. And usually around those activity, i still can update my social media oftenly and being a full time housewifes gives you more stretch time to meet your friends on weekdays. Especially those who are also a full time housewifes. I enjoy my life so much although sometimes i missed being alone and having so many me time hahahaha.. and a day in a beauty salon, having a spa. Hwaaaa… when do i get to taste those again? anyone?


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