The ‘Late’ Birthday Post

Happy birthday to me!!

Like almost all my birthdays, nothing really special on that day, only I become more egoistic and ask a lot to people i love. Ngahahahaha…

Last year, two days before december 5th someone asked me what i want for my birthday. I said, i want to be with him all day long, and he rejected it (said he wants to sleep all day long on that day) *poor me*. BUT it turns out he asked me once again on the next day did the wish remain the same? and he suddenly changed his mind. I was yeaaayyyy… happy to the core of my heart. Then i really am being with him all day long. As long as i remembered, i felt really happy but yet curse my own self for wanting such a stupid thing like that.

On THE DAY i was already out early in the morning, not even giving a chance to my family to wish me a happy birthday and says their prayer. On the afternoon my sister text me asking why did i already gone that early? she wants to great me a happy birthday directly but she didnt have a chance to do it. I felt broken hearted that time, but still i didn’t get my self home right away. Still i abandon them. What a stupid thing to do, and i feel sory for that.

Now that i am a forgetful person, i didn’t remember about it this December 5th. But luckily i didn’t abandon anybody on that day. I cooked special meal for my family first, before i spent the rest of the day with Reza. I remembered all that right at night, beneath Pancoran bridge when Reza took me home. I felt really gratefull that somehow i did the right thing that day. I did something that is not really egoistic. I feel more mature now. Hahahahaha…

I thank GOD for everything, thankYOU for giving me such a great experience last year, so that i can take  so many lessons from it. ThankYOU for giving me such a lovely family who are still loving me despite the broken heart i gave them. ThankYOU  for sending me a lovely boyfriend who is always patient with me. ThankYOU for a great adventure YOU’ve arranged for my life. I appreciate it a lot.

Altough the first thing on my mind that day was “Well, 27 years old and remain unmarried”! hahahahahaha… GOD, please please please give us a way. Give me a way. Would YOU give that for my present? pleaasseee…..

OK, this is a special meal i cooked for my family, on my birthday:


Creamy Corn and chicken soup with garlic bread
Milk Fried Chicken (adapted from

have a nice holiday people 😉



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