Today’s Promises…

Kemarin sampah beneeeerrr >.<

I did almost nothing but watching Gossip Girl season one. Speaking of which, i don't understand how a circle of life could be that complicated. In only a zip of time, a bestfriend could turn to enemy, a lover could turn into step sister, and someone who is devil on the outside happens to be the one who have the most sane thought of them all. Or maybe that's the price you have to pay for being a manhattan's ellite. Well, Thank God I'm just an ordinary not so wealthy Depok girl, cihiiyyy 😉

Kemarin sempet jalan2 juga sih sama Mayang ke UI. Dan ternyata gue blm pernah cerita apapun tentang Jai ke dia. Kemarin akhirnya dia nagih cerita deh. After that, ke margo city muter2, then go home. Nonton Gossip Girl lagi.

Aaarrrgghhh bener2 sampah abeeesss –"

So, today there's no excuse again to do such things. Hari ini harus bisa nyelesein banyak hal. Handout anak2, nyelesein Unit Plan, bikin pesenan brownie and so on and soooo on. Semangat Asiaaahhh.. Hup hup..

Cherios 😉


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